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The fashion and beauty industry have one thought in mind, that is to make you over into the picture of yourself that they have created. Billboards and Magazines portray images of beautiful people in the hopes that you will have the desire to look exactly as they do. healthtracksolution The truth is that every one of the more than 7 billion men and women now on the Earth all posses their own beauty within themselves. The secret to becoming beautiful is to paint on the outside what you already posses on the inside.

The fashion industry spends billions of dollars annually, to create images and ultimately products that they claim will turn you into the next supermodel. The advertising executives rack up massive amounts of time and energy into creating what they call perfectly beautiful. tendinitistreatment This final image of beauty is then passed on to the creative team, who create the product that will bring this image to life. The end result is an overwhelming sense of not being beautiful enough the way you are.

Makeup is the paint that the master artist creates his beautiful image with, just as the Master Painter’s most prized possession was their original paint formulas. The difference in the two is that the painter actually brought the color out of himself to express the beauty that he held within him. doctorisout The makeup industry is tying to create nothing but the color of green, at your expense.

The most beautiful things on the Earth are created by an unseen hand with nothing more than the desire for you to enjoy it. A sunrise witnessed on a clear, cold morning are so beautiful that they literally take away your next breath. If you could watch until it disappears behind the curtain of the horizon, you would again find no words to express it. Standing in the valley between two mountains that reach up and touch the heavens is a chance to glimpse what true beauty really isĀ 

Nothing that forces you to choose between being who you are, and being the image of beauty that someone else has imagined should be allowed to exist. lifefitnessguide The first step in becoming beautiful is to recognize what true beauty is. After you come to the realization that beauty is not a product of man’s invention, you come into the place where you can become truly beautiful.

Every man, woman and child that lives on this Earth is beautiful just the way that they are. When you become familiar with beauty and know that your beauty is hidden in your heart.

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