Causes and Effective Treatments for Obesity

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Many people are suffering from obesity because extra calories get stored in their bodies in the form of fat. People who consume high-sugar and high-fat foods and do not engage in physical activity will suffer from the buildup of fat in their bodies.

The food’s energy value is measured in calories. To maintain a healthy weight, an average man needs 2,500 calories daily. A woman who is physically active needs 2,000 calories daily. You could easily reach this calorie count by consuming certain foods. A meal that includes fries, hamburgers, and milkshakes gives you a total of 1,500 calories. In addition, many people do not engage in physical activity. As a result, they end up storing extra energy as fat in their bodies.

Lifestyle and diet contribute to obesity

Diet and lifestyle are responsible for contributing to weight gain and obesity. According to health care experts at Medriva, common reasons for storing extra energy as fats in your body are consuming excessive alcohol, eating larger portions of meals, consuming larger amounts of fast food or processed foods, comfort eating, and consuming a lot of sugary drinks.

With changes in society, many people are unable to get a healthy diet. Foods rich in calories are cheaper and more convenient to consume. It is also backed by promotions and advertisements. So, people are lured by ads for these foods and gain extra weight.

Many people are not finding time to practice exercises. So, a lack of sufficient physical activity leads to obesity. Another cause of weight gain is working eight hours a day sitting at a desk. They also use cars for commuting to their homes instead of cycling or walking. Many people are engaged in watching TV, playing games, and browsing the Internet during their leisure time instead of practicing exercises. So, such people do not use the energy obtained from the foods, and it is stored as fat in their bodies.

To burn extra calories, Medriva’s healthcare experts suggest adults engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity like fast walking or cycling for at least 150 minutes a week. You can break down the physical activity into smaller periods in a week and practice in your free and convenient time.

Medical reasons for weight gain

Some of the medical reasons for weight gain include Cushing’s syndrome and hypothyroidism. You need to consult your physician for a proper diagnosis and an early cure. Certain medicines, like those used for the treatment of diabetes and epilepsy and some steroids, may contribute to weight gain. Other medicines that could elevate your weight are drugs used for the treatment of schizophrenia and antidepressants, which are used for the treatment of mental illness. People who are engaged in smoking could also add more weight.

Treatment for weight gain

People who are suffering from excessive weight gain need to consume a balanced diet. They should also engage in regular exercises to burn extra pounds and stay fit while managing their weight. You should consume a diet rich in beans, eggs, fish, rice, etc. Foods containing higher levels of salt should be avoided.


Many people in the US and worldwide are suffering from excessive weight gain. Such people can engage in regular physical activity and consume a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and prevent health complications.

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